How To Use Our Stock Feeds

Here at we didn't expect amiibo to be in such short supply. So we created stock update feeds to keep our readers up to date on where amiibo come in to stock or even if there is a price drop. We check pages every 20 minutes so we like to think we have the most accurate data around.

Why use RSS feeds instead of email alerts you might ask? Well, while we feel that our little old server is secure, no system is un-hackable. We don't think it's fair that you should have to trust us with that information for such a trivial matter as toy figures when we can't guarantee its safety 100%. Plus, by making the information more open we can do cool web things like use IFTTT (see below).

On each figure information page, in the Where to Buy section, is the following icon

RSS feed Icon

This links to the update feed for that figure. Or use this feed for all figures. The information on this feed is also relayed on our Twitter profile @amiibofiguresuk if you would like to follow that instead.

By using feeds we can now do stuff using the excellent web app IFTTT. From sending an email, pushing a notification to your phone or even turn on a light in your bedroom if you have the technology and desire to do so. Here are a couple of recipes to get you started.

IFTTT Recipe: Send email when an amiibo becomes available via stock check feed connects feed to email IFTTT Recipe: Push a note when a Villager amiibo becomes available via the stock check feed connects feed to pushbullet

IFTTT is a very easy and clear website to use and is what we recomend but our feeds can be used in whatever service you wish to use.

Now for some disclaimers. While we have tried our best to make the updates as accurate as possible, there might be the occasional error and delays. For example, the Amazon API has been saying they have stock of the odd figure, but when I get to the page they have gone. Either there are inaccuracies in the information provided by Amazon or the amiibo are being snapped up fast. But we are publishing these feeds in the spirit that they are better than nothing.

The links in the feeds might also be affiliate links. This means might get a small commission when you buy something which will go towards the cost of running the site and feeding our amiibo habit. They won't cost you anything extra.

So happy amiibo hunting.

Addendum: 8th March 2015

The above is all still valid but it has transpired that the above method off using IFTTT has too much of a delay and the amiibo were often of out stock by the time the alert is sent out. So we have set up Pushbullet channels that get updated as soon as we find availability and an alert is pushed to your devices. Check out this introduction to our Pushbullet Channels. Our Twitter account also gets updated as soon as when availability is found.

New to amiibo and just don't understand? Check out our FAQ for answers to your amiibo questions.