There has been rumours of a Shovel Knight amiibo going around the old world wide web for a few days now. But there are too many leaks now to ignore and it is probably safe to say it is happening.

First there was images of a Shovel Knight amiibo appearing on a Spanish retailer website. It was assumed these were faked.

Then rumours that Shovel Knight is coming to Smash Bros started appearing which automatically also means an amiibo.

Yacht Club Games, the company behind the Shovel Knight game, have even promised a "mega-ton" announcement this week on their blog.

And then Game in Brighton tweeted an image, which was quickly taken down, that the Shovel Knight was "JUST ANNOUNCED!", can be pre-ordered from "tomorrow" and it will be released on November 27th.

Shovel Knight announcement from a Game Tweet

This tweet was obviously posted early as Nintendo has a big Indies event happening at a PAX conference in America tonight where the reveal is expected to happen.

And to top it off it can also be pre-ordered at a German website.

We are just waiting on Nintendo and Yacht Club Games to actually announce it now.


Shovel Knight Leaked Packaging
Shovel Knight announcement from a Game Tweet


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