After an long but expected absence Nintendo put out a new Nintendo Direct this week so here is our traditional roundup post summarising the key amiibo details.

First up was the news that the Wii U is getting another Zelda HD remake with Twilight Princess but this time it is going to come with amiibo functionality. Compatible with all Legend of Zelda amiibo released so far but no further details were given. Nintendo also showed a new and totally cool Wolf Link amiibo which also has Midna riding on his back. The game and a bundle is coming March 4th 2016, with the amiibo coming out separately at a later date. The new Zelda Wii U game was also confirmed to be compatible with the Wolf Link amiibo with data carrying over between the games but no real details were given as usual when it comes to the new Zelda game.

The amiibo functionally for for Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros. for the 3DS was shown. The Mario Bros. amiibo series (although I would assume that any of the Mario universe amiibo would work) was shown to unlock power cards that gives the player a boost in battle.

Mega Man Legacy Collection for the 3DS is gaining amiiibo compatibility with the Mega Man amiibo. Eleven exclusive challenge courses will be unlocked to test your skill with. Unfortunately it looks like America will be getting a Gold Mega Man amiibo and Europe is not. America sure loves their bling.

Pokkén Tournament was confirmed to be coming to Wii U during Spring 2016. As a bonus the first print run of the game will include a Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card which will unlock the character in the game. Nintendo didn't say if this was an one off or a start of a new series of amiibo cards so something to look out for.

Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card.

New releases for ongoing amiibo series were also shown and confirmed. Lucas from the Smash Bros. series is coming Early 2016. For the Animal Crossing series the amiibo for Restti, Blathers, Celeste and Kicks are also coming Early 2016.

The Direct ended with the shock announcement that Cloud for Final Fantasy 7 is coming to Smash Bros. as DLC. Which by extension means that at some point next year we will hopefully get a Cloud amiibo.

Cloud in Super Smash Bros.

Source: Nintendo UK

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Cloud in Smash Bros.
Shadow Mewtwo Card
Wolf Link amiibo Figure


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