Nintendo of Europe has outlined their release schedule for the rest of the year. As well as release dates for Star Fox Zero, Xenoblade Chronicles X and other games Nintendo also revealed the existence of Mega Yarn Yoshi. This amiibo towers over the other Yarn Yoshi's, will behave just the same as a Green Yarn Yoshi and will likely have a large price tag as well. Mega Yarn Yoshi is being released on 27th November 2015.

Mega Yarn Yoshi looms

The Falco amiibo for Smash Bros. has also been given a release date of of 20th November, tying in with the release of Star Fox Zero on Wii U. The US box art for Star Fox Zero has also been shown and it has the amiibo icon on it, confirming the amiibo support. So something is happening there but still waiting on details from Nintendo.

Star Fox Zero US Box Art

We are also still waiting on details from Nintendo on the release date for the Animal Crossing amiibo figures, these are still down for a 2015 release only. They have confirmed that Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival when it does come out will come with an Isabelle amiibo, a Digby amiibo and 3 amiibo cards. A three pack of Cyrus, Reese and KK amiibo was shown in America but this combo pack doesn't appear on the European release schedule.

Source: Nintendo of Europe


Mega Yarn Yoshi and standard Yarn Yoshi
Star Fox Zero US packaging


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