After promising a minimal showing at E3 this year, Nintendo actually revealed some new amiibo releases.

First up were three amiibo that are going to be released alongside with the Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. There will be two new Links, one in an archer pose and one on horse back. Also coming is a massive Guardian amiibo which will have poseable arms, a first for an amiibo. These are going to be released alongside the game in 2017.

Nintendo also gave details on how Wolf Link will be used within Breath of the Wild. The amiibo will unlock Wolf Link as a companion which will follow and aid the player within the game.

Nintendo also revealed new amiibo in the Super Mario series, finally, which will be released alongside a new Mario Party game on the 3DS. First up on October 7th will be Boo (who glows in the dark), Donkey Kong,Rosalina and Wario. Then on November 4th Waluigi, Diddy Kong and Daisy will be released.

Super Mario Series 2 amiibo

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Super Mario Series 2 amiibo


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