Nintendo UK has revealed their plans for the release of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival this week. It is going to be released on November 20th. It will come in a pack with an Isabelle amiibo, a Digby amiibo and a pack of three Animal Crossing amiibo cards. On the same day the first wave of Animal Crossing amiibo will be released as well Europe's first multi-pack of amiibo. There will be a special amiibo 3-pack containing K.K Slider, Resse and Cyrus. It also looks like these three will be released separately.

And did I say first wave of Animal Crossing amiibo? Why yes I did because over in Japan the Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival webpage has opened and it showed that four more Animal Crossing amiibo are coming. The characters revealed are Resetti (who is shown standing up), Celeste, Blathers, and Kicks.

In other, not Animal Crossing news, from Japan it has come out that Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam on the 3DS will have amiibo support. Using any Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad or Bowser amiibo will give the player a special card that can be used in battle within the game.


Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Line Up
Kicks amiibo Figure
Resetti amiibo Figure
Celeste amiibo Figure
Blathers amiibo Figure


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