Recently released, the amiiqo allows players to use their Android phone to download the information stored on an amiibo NFC chip and transfer to a puck like device. This device can then be used just the same as an amiibo. The amiiqo can store 200 amiibo and the downloaded data can be also be shared over the Internet with your friends making it easier to complete your "collection".

Yeah, it basically a device to pirate amiibo. The fact that the device comes with the data of 10 amiibo, some of which haven't been released yet, makes this even clearer.

The appeal to non-collectors of amiibo is obvious. Spend the £30ish on to this one device to then get all possible unlocks in all supported games is attractive option.

It will be interesting to see how Nintendo responds to this. In the past they have often come down hard on pirating devices but as this is in a new field of toys-to-life pirating so it might take a little while to get the lawyers up to speed on what is happening.

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