Been pretty quite recently on the amiibo news front and then last week there were finally something to report but we hadn't the time to report until now. Typical.

Mini Mario and Friends amiibo Challenge

Anyway, first is the announcement and then release of Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge and the Wii U and 3DS. This was confirmed in other territories but not in Europe until last week. A free download where you unlock stages using Mario and Donkey Kong universe amiibo. It's a puzzle game where you have to guild wind-up toy versions of the characters past obstacles to the end of stage. I haven't had the chance to play it yet but look out for a review.

Mmm, graphs

Nintendo had it's year end investor meeting last week. The financial results briefing didn't bring much amiibo news other than that the total amiibo figures shipped last financial year was around 24.7 million and amiibo cards reached 28.9 million.

Callie and Marie in the spotlight

Then on Saturday, out of nowhere, Nintendo revealed that we are getting new Splatoon amiibo in July. They are releasing the Squid Sisters which will unlock new music and dance moves for Callie and Marie within the game. They will be available separately and also together in a double pack.

Curiously, repaints of the Splatoon amiibo are also coming, although advertised as coming in limited quantities.

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Callie and Marie in the spotlight
Mini Mario amiibo Challenge
amiibo sales 2015-16 graph


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