Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Packaging

Game Info

  • Release Date: Nov. 28, 2014
  • System: Wii U

Super Smash Bros is a fighting game from Nintendo. This is the forth console version of the game which started on the N64.

The game features many Nintendo characters as well as those from other companies such as Sonic and Pac-Man. The goal of the game is very different to many fighting games. In Smash Bros. you win a point when you hit your opponent off the edge of the screen. The more damage an opponent has taken, the further they will fly when hit and so making it easier to win a point.

A trademark of a Smash Bros. games is the large number of characters, items, collectables and game modes it contains.

Amiibo Features

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is the game launching with amiibo and as such is the first example of using a figure within the game itself.

When an amiibo is connected to the game the figure will appear within the game as, what is called, a Figure Player. This Figure Player (FP for short) is an AI controlled character that can be battled against. As it fights it will level up and become better, basically learning and becoming a unique character. What it has learnt in the game can then be saved back on to the amiibo figure.

Further customisation the Figure Player is possible with the help of equipment gained though playing the game.

This amiibo figure then can be introduced in to multi-player battles with your friends or even set to fight against other amiibo.

Compatible Figures

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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Packaging


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