Mario Party 10 Packaging

Game Info

  • Release Date: March 20, 2015
  • System: Wii U

The first Mario party game on the Wii U.

Mario Party has up to 4 players taking turns to work their way though a game board. After each round the player come together to play a mini-game.

Mario Party 10 will also come with a new mode where a fifth player can join in. Using the Wii U Gamepad the player will become Bowser and will try and stop the other players winning the mini-games.

Amiibo Features

You use amiibo to unlock the amiibo Party section of the game. You will use the amiibo as player pieces as well as unlocking special board sections to play on. These playing boards are themed to the amiibo and contain special events.

Before a game you will also be able to save an item to the amiibo which you can use once during play to claim some sort of bonus or boost.

Any amiibo can be used to randomly win Mario Party points which are use to unlock in-game bonus content.

Where to buy

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Nintendo Official UK Store


The Game Collection


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Mario Party 10 Packaging
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